New Introductions

Thanks to the trade with North-America, China and many leading European companies, we have the possibility to be the first to test and reproduce many new cultivars.

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Trees and shrubs

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This speciality of our nursery is already known by many . We try out every year new and forgotten varieties . And if they grow good and healthy we commercialize them .

WEIGELIA 'Eva Rathke'

Slower and more compact growing cultivar. Broad-mouthed, crimson flowers open from darker buds over ...


Flowers large and numerous, rose-pink, in erect trusses.(5)

WEIGELIA 'Newport Red'

More upright than ‘Eva Rathke’ with larger flowers of a lighter red.(5)

WEIGELIA 'Red Prince'

The best red hybrid, not fading to purple. Very hardy, free flowering, medium-sized shrub.(5)

WEIGELIA 'Styriaca'

Pink flowering.(5)

WEIGELIA florida

A medium-sized shrub with ovate-oblong to obovate, acuminate leaves. Flowers funnel-shaped, reddish ...

WEIGELIA florida 'Nana Purpurea'

Like the species but lower growing with leaves deep brown-red, flowers dark pink, very attractive.(3 ...

WEIGELIA florida 'Nana Variegata'

Like the species.Low growing compact habit. Leaves creamy-white edged and pink flowers.(3-8)

WEIGELIA florida 'Victoria'

Like the species with purlpe leaves.(3-8)

WEIGELIA middendorfiana

Small shrub with flaking bark. Sulphur yellow, bell-shaped flowers, with dark orange markings,April- ...

YUCCA filamentosa

'Adam's Needle'. A stemless species producing dense clumps of spreading or erect, lanceolate, slight ...

YUCCA filamentosa 'Bright Edge'

Like the species with narrow golden-yellow margin leaves.(5)

YUCCA flaccida 'Golden Sword'

Good evergreen yellow variegated leaves in a spiky rosette that clumps up well, relatively short hea ...

ZELKOVA carpinifolia

'A long-lived, slow-growing tree eventually attaining a large size. The bark is smooth and gray like ...

ZELKOVA serrata

'Keaki'. A medium-sized, wide-spreading habit, forming a rounded crown, with smooth, grey, later fla ...

ZELKOVA serrata 'Flekova'

Green Vase' somewhat resembles the vase shape of American Elms, is more upright in habit and toleran ...

ZENOBIA pulverulenta

A beautiful, small, deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub of loose habit with bloomy young shoots. The o ...