New Introductions

Thanks to the trade with North-America, China and many leading European companies, we have the possibility to be the first to test and reproduce many new cultivars.

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Fruit trees and shrubs

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Our nursery grows a large range of fruit-tree varieties . We also try to grow all the old varieties of hard and stone fruit . And for the wholesale we are well known for our superior quality root-stock of apple, pear, plum, and cherries .


VITIS vinifera 'Grosse Perle de Hollande'

'Grape Vines'. White, outdoor vines.(5)

VITIS vinifera 'Maréchal Joffre'

'Grape Vine'. Black, outdoor vines.'5)

VITIS vinifera 'Muskaat van Alexandrië'

'Grape Vines'. Yellow-amber coloured, large vines, sweet, tastes like amber. Indoor dessert.(5)

VITIS vinifera 'Müller-Thurgau'

'Grape vines'. white, outdoor vines.(5)

VITIS vinifera 'Royale Emile'

'Grape vines'. Black, large. Indoor dessert.(5)

VITIS vinifera 'Saint Laurent'

'Grape Vines'. Black, outdoor vines.(5)

VITIS vinifera 'Vroege van der laan'

'Grape vine'. White, small, early variety. Outdoor vines.(5)