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Floribunda Roses

47 articles  (21 :: 40)
Name :   
Roses with several roses on one stem.


Rosa 'Koksijde'

pale rose, 80cm high, profuse bloom.

Rosa 'L'Aimant'®*

(Harzola) Floribunda. Looking for heavy fragrance, healthy foliage, freedom of flower and captivatin ...

Rosa 'Lilly Marleen'

Large flowers, double, slightly fragrant, red velvet, dark foliage. Vigorous, bushy. Height : 50cm.

Rosa 'Margret Merril'®*

(Harkuly) Floribunda. Perfume of sublime quality to satisfy even the most discerning nose. Often spo ...

Rosa 'Marie Louise Velghe'

White flowers blush tinted in bud, semi-double.

Rosa 'Melflor'

Roses with more than many roses on a stem. Color : pink.

Rosa 'Melglory'

Color : dark red.

Rosa 'Melgold'

Color : yellow.

Rosa 'Nicky'

Color : orange red.

Rosa 'Nina Weibull'

Medium size, double, dark red. Long flowering period. 50cm high.

Rosa 'Orange Sensation'

Large, fragrant, orange-flame; cluster. Foliage :dark. Vigorous, bushy, very free bloom. Height : 50 ...

Rosa 'Pernille Poulsen'

Large, semi-double, open, fragrant, light pink. Foliage light green. Profuse bloom.

Rosa 'Pink Kanegem'

Color : rose, improvement of 'Kanegem'

Rosa 'Princess of Wales'®*

(Hardinkum) Floribunda. This lovely rose makes a terrific show. It is pretty and charming in cream a ...

Rosa 'Raphaėl Braeckman'

Color : orange red.

Rosa 'Rumba'

Bud ovoid. Flowers poppy-red, center yellow.

Rosa 'Ruth Leeuwerik'

Large, bright red flowers. Foliage bronzy. Vigorous. Much flowering.

Rosa 'Samaritan'®*

(Harverag) Floribunda. A rose full of surpises. This rose has the charmes of the old varieties, what ...

Rosa 'Scandica'

Color : gravel red.

Rosa 'Showy Gold'

Color : brown yellow.
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