New Introductions

Thanks to the trade with North-America, China and many leading European companies, we have the possibility to be the first to test and reproduce many new cultivars.

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Shrub Roses

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They are strong shrubs that grow unimpeded. They are sometimes called landscape roses. They do not need much pruning. Used for hedges are in borders. Height : 1 -2m.


Rosa rugosa

Rugosa rose. Shrub 1-2m high, stems thick, tomentose, very prickly and brisly. Flowers solitary or f ...

Rosa rugosa 'Alba'

Like the species with white flowers.

Rosa rugosa 'Rubra'

Like the species with carmin-purple flowers.

Rosa virginiana

Virginia Rose. Shrub, about 1.5m high, red-brown, prickles hooked. Flowers light pink, few or solita ...