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Groundcover roses

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In appearance, a rather variable group of roses that are to a greater or lesser degree, wider than they are tall. They are characterised by smaller flowers with fewer petals and being particularly free flowering, most repeating very well.


Rosa 'Baroque Floorshow'*

(Harbaroque)Lilac, semi-double bloom in great profusion. This variety is the forerunner of the group ...

Rosa 'Crimson Floorshow'*

Crimson, spreading. Floorshow roses are excellent for container growing. They have heavy, musky perf ...

Rosa 'Green Snake'

Ground cover roses. Color : white. Height : 40cm.

Rosa 'Magenta Floorshow'*

Large, musc scented, double blooms in a splendid traditional shade of rich, deep reddish purple. The ...

Rosa 'Max Graf'

Ground cover roses. It lays its tendril flat on the ground. Single flowers. Very fragrant. Color : p ...

Rosa 'Nipper'

(Hareco) Ground cover. Suitable for planters, space-filling and as ground-cover. Absolute perfection ...

Rosa 'Orange Floorshow'

Ground cover. A pure unfading colour and excellent continuity of bloom. Dark purplish bronze foliage ...

Rosa 'Pink Spray'

Ground cover roses. Color : pink. Height : 50cm.

Rosa 'Rosy Floorshow'*

Rose red with a distinctive white eye. Makes a flamboyant and lively impression. They have a musky p ...

Rosa 'Snow Flake'

Ground cover roses. Color : white.

Rosa 'The Fairy'

Low in archform growing and wide-spreading rosebushes. Also groundcovering, very deciduous roses, pr ...

Rosa 'Yellow Floorshow'*

Yellow, with pink rim. Well branched habit. Height : 100cm. Floorshow roses are excellent for conta ...