New Introductions

Thanks to the trade with North-America, China and many leading European companies, we have the possibility to be the first to test and reproduce many new cultivars.

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BUDDLEJA argus 'White Velvet'®

Buddleja the ARGUS ® is a new cultivar, within the family of Buddleja's. This butterfly bush has bea ...

HYDRANGEA paniculata 'Mega Mindy'®

Hydrangea mega mindy® has a solid, fast-growing shrub, which do not collapse under the weight of the ...

HYDRANGEA paniculata 'Bobo'®

Bobo® is an undisputed asset for any small garden. It is a true panicle hydrangea. With regular prun ...

LIGUSTRUM obtusifolium 'Massif'

Ligustrum MASSIF is a low growing (up to 1.20 m high) and spreading deciduous shrub. The graceful ov ...